Treasure Island, San Francisco • October 25th

Exploring JavaScript and all the places it lives.

Forrest's work for New Relic has been entirely in increasingly low-level JavaScript, which has forced him to truly master the language. Somewhere along the line he learned to respect it for what it is.

"ES6 will be great, but JavaScript already is."

JS in JS

Forrest L Norvell Forrest L Norvell

JS on WiiU

Andy Leeper Andy Leeper

JS in Augmented Reality

JS in Reality

Eduardo Lundgren Eduardo Lundgren

JS in Every Product

Rich Manalang Rich Manalang

JS in Yahoo

Mark Percival Mark Percival

Firefox OS

JS in OS

Nick Desaulniers Nick Desaulniers

Large-Scale JS Development at Intuit

with Doug Crossley

JS in QuickBooks

Joe Wells Joe Wells

JS in Education

Shawn Drost Shawn Drost

JS in Music

Omid Tavallai and Ricardo Mello show off Wakanda.

JS in Music

Ricardo Mello Ricardo Mello

JS in Fashion

Nick Rowe and Wes Bailey Nick Rowe Wes Bailey

JS in the Sky

Adam Ulvi Adam Ulvi

Greg McCarvell and Alexandre Morgaut talk about SMS and Wakanda


Alexandre Morgaut Alexandre Morgaut

JSON, it’s not just for data anymore: Prototyping languages in JS

JS in Research

Warren Sack Warren Sack
Jon McKay and Kelsey Breseman make hardware for JS developers at technical.io

JS in Hardware

Jon McKay Jon McKay

JS Underwater

JS in H2O

Peter Christensen Peter Christensen

JS in Embedded Devices

Embedded Devices

Alexandros Marinos Alexandros Marinos

JS in Rural Communities

JS in Rural

Matthew Keas Matthew Keas

JS in Automotive

JS in Cars

Alexandre Morgaut Alexandre Morgaut

JS in Glass

Lyle Troxell Lyle Troxell
This list is random.

One Day

On October 25th, 2013 from 8:00 in the morning until 6:00++ in the evening.

All JavaScript programers are welcome.

Pick up your tickets for JS.everywhere(2013).

One Track

No need to move between multiple rooms. Take a seat at a table and engage with JavaScript experts as they share their inspirational stories of coding and learning.

One Location

We will be hosted in a former airplane hanger now home of Winery SF on Treasure Island between San Francisco and Oakland.

We will be seated in one room around dining room tables and Winery SF will serve lunch and host a wine tasting at the close of the day.

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Attendance and Updates

We had 170 people in attendance and we have had positive feedback.

We are adding videos to this page as we get them edited. If you have photos or blog entries about the event please let us know, so we can add them to this page.

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Silent auction to benefit...

  • Code.org
  • This year the sponsors are bring items to auction. The auction, which will take place durring the wine tasting and after party, will benifit Code.org.

October 25th 2013

200 programmers, hackers, and troublemakers, discuss JavaScript.


We are not doing JS.everywhere(2014) in Paris as we had planned, sometimes plans change. But we are looking foward to finding our next venue and putting on another fantastic JS event.

Sponsors Thank You!

This event will pulled in 170 of the most motivated JavaScript developers. For those companies that helped make it happen, thank youe!.