Mel Berry

Meeting Mel

I met Mel and his wife Patricia through Mountain Comunity Theater (MCT). Mel is a terrific actor and a good man.

Mel's Shop

Mel is the owner and operator of Mulberry Woodworking in Santa Cruz, CA. Mullberry produces fine quality windows, doors and mouldings. I think the trick to a succsessful small buisness is a good owner. Somone who can think and manage people. Mel told me that one of his tricks is getting people that are better then him in the expertise that they are hired for. Some owners are scared of getting an emplyee that is better then them. I guess it's kinda intimidating. Well Mel doesn't have that problem. He hires great people and the shop creates fine woodwork.

Thursday March 4, 2004

Mel Berry is an amazingly giving man. In March of 2004 Mel worked with me to produce my dad's cassket. He opened up his shop and made the entire experiance relaxed, loving and easy. Thank you Mel.