Da work thoughts

Today is the first day of work up at UCSC Arts without Dedi and that sucks. Majarly sucks! And on top of that I have this ... first off my state of mind is askew from the norm because I stayed up late watching About Schmit. Which is depressing as hell. My father is retiring this month and I am worried about him.
So UCSC pulled in some consultants and they recommended that the Information Technology positions and structure be changed to save money. The long and the short of it is that this job, which I took due in a large part for it's stability, is not, at this current time, stable. - Should I start looking for another job, one where the pay is higher? The thing is I love it here. But if here changes to drastically... well I may leave.
On a good note: A good friend form LA is coming in for lunch today and another is coming in on Wednesday. I get to do Lunch with Daria, my son Wyatt and with friends two days this week.