I'm a gamer

Along with being a Geek I am also a gamer. I play D&qmp;D and other role-playing games. A friend just sent me a cool gaming link. The page allows you to make the starting basic charicter stats and history using a UPC as the base. And it's not random. I entered a 591ml Dr. Pepper (UPC: 078000082401), picked 4d6 rolling method and got this...

Gender: Female
Race: Halfling (Height: 3'1", Weight: 32 lbs.)

STR: 12 [+1] () [-2 STR racial penalty]
DEX: 12 [+1] () [+2 DEX racial bonus]
CON: 12 [+1] ()
INT: 12 [+1] ()
WIS: 12 [+1] ()
CHA: 16 [+3] ()

Total ability modifier: +8
Where you were raised: (see Hero Builder's Guide for details)
Temperature Zone: Temperate
Terrain: Desert
Community Size: Troupe

Family notes:
Economic Status: Poor
Social Standing: Upper Class
Family Defense Readiness: Low
Private Ethics: Untrustworthy
Public Ethics: Undeserved
Religious Commitment: Historical
Reputation: Outstanding
Political Views: Supportive
Power Structure: Matriarchy
Ancestors of Note: Successful Founder

Early Childhood Instruction: Religious
Formal Education: Agriculture
Learning a Trade: Farmer

Life Events (thus far):
Early Childhood events: Injury or Physical Defect
Youth Events: Religion
Pivotal Events: No Pivotal Events

Parents: Both Ill
Siblings: 2 older brothers & 1 younger sister
Grandparents: One Grandparent on Each Side Alive
Extended Family: Huge Extended Family
Friends: Some
Enemies: Villian
Instructors: Basic

As you grow, will you follow your family, or rebel...?

I wonder what a can of Dew would produce.