Status of Lyle's Life

Daria's B-Day this Friday and a b-day party Thursday night - thank god Maggi is hosting it and doing the food.

Daria's mother and grandmother are staying with us for a week, arriving Saturday.

Wyatt's B-Day next Wednesday - still haven't planned it.

Open Studios for my mother is this weekend and I need to help out with signs and such.

Contract Flash Animation.
My friend Sean recently asked me if I would be interested in a flash contract... I was like "yeah!". It's due next week and I still do not have the artwork. And this project could take me nearly 20 hours to do. But I'm not sure I have time to do it. -- but I need the money. Stressing!

Daria (my wife) is out of a job.

The theater company, MCT, that has been around since 1982 and which my parents founded is in a financial nightmare. Last night a group of people came into the general meeting and insulted the people that have been keeping the company going for the past two years. They came in with their own agenda and didn't even listen to the presentation about the financial situation which Daria has slaved over for the past week. The general summary of Daria's presentation: MCT has been loosing money for the past 3 years. We are still in business today because of the money from royalties of Miracle on 34th Street. Our publisher is no longer selling rights to our play because of a copyright depute. We are in legal battle over our play. Without the extra income and with our current volunteer base we can not survive another year. So we have three options: one more year, close down, go on a hiatus.
The group that came in decided to keep going, and they are willing to be the volunteer base that MCT needs... I, however, question wether this will last. And if it is possible to keep a theater company going in the San Lorenzo Valley. I hope MCT stays alive.
But there are clearly not funds to keep Daria employed. So we are a little stressed.

Oh and Daria is sick. And I am stressed a bit.