PostgreSQL on OS X with pgcrypto

I finally got PostgreSQL 7.4.2 to install with pgcrpto on Mac OS 10.3 (Panther). Here is what I did:
1) First visit the PostgreSQL on Mac OS X developer page on

2) The first error I ran into was with the make reporting that "gcc2" was not found. On the developer page in the make section where it reads
  root@mail:postgresql-7.4.1> make

I ran this instead (which forces the compiler to be gcc3, which should exist on your system if you have the apple developer tools.)
  make CC=gcc3

3) After getting a test database up and running I found this great resource on making the pgcrypto package. The deal is that you need to set the cryptolib parameter to be "openssl" in the pgcrypto make file located in "postgresql-src/contrib/pgcrypto/Makefile". This worked fine after changing the cryptolib line.
  # cd /usr/local/src/postgres/postgresql-7.4.3/contrib/pgcrypto
  edit Makefile and specify cryptolib = openssl
  (you will need to do a sudo on these lines - unless your account has write access)
  # make
  # make install

4) After all of that you will need to install the pgcrypto functions in a database to make them available.
  psql db_name < /usr/local/pgsql/share/contrib/pgcrypto.sql 

That did the trick for me. Good luck with all your cryptography goodness.