I Can Type

When I was in junior high school my father would type my papers for me. He didn't do the work for me - he simply typed what I had already written. He was a very fast typist. After high school and college and a move to southern California I started working as a web developer and programmer. During a visit from my parents, or was it me visiting them, my father noticed my typing. I remember him saying something to the effect that he didn't know that I could type - and that I looked fast. Until that moment I hadn't really realized it my self. It is said that we teach our children by example. I guess we learn things from our parents we are not aware of.

I just got back from watching Spider-Man 2. The movie got me thinking about my father. Hell I went to the movie alon... being alone brings up my father for me. The movie's theme is sacrifice for doing the right thing - and learning that some things you do not need to sacrifice. My father never told me what was right. He was not a preacher nor did he claim to have mystic answers. He didn't die some heroic death, but laid in bed for months until one morning, after I said good bye, he left. But, and I know it is horribly corny to say, my hero was and is my dad.

Dad, thank you for teaching me to be forgiving and understanding. Thank you for wanting me to be better and telling me when I disappointed you. Thank you for being such a wonderful man, your example has enabled me to be one.