Building, Part I

In 1999 Sean Cleveland and I launched a little online magazine called The same week that it launched I started wworking for a Radio-Station website company, Feed the Monster, where I met Miles Elam. XML was the cats meow then, and Miles and I saw it’s “perfection” esp in the separation of content from layout/design. Feed the Monster was all about good design and shared content about in music industry… great looking, high-profile, radio station websites with shared content. The company tanked. Content Management is hard.

What we have been doing latley is assigning one Geek to edit the show page and add notes into the content of the show page. This works but is not “community” base enough for me.

So now I am thinking we can have a new element to the page, the idea would be a transcript list. This would be time based entries that would show as a list on the show page and allow a sort of transcript of the show. I would probably like to group these by segments of the show: GeekNews, Interview, and Questions and Answers.

So what is this called? It isn’t a transcript, it’s more like a tumblelog for a GeekSpeak show. Each entry would fall under a segment title… here is a stub:


Questions and Answers

This looks a bit like our show page now see, but the way we would build it would be a catagorized list, which would be put in time order. This would allow multiple people to add content at the same time and re-order the content.

I would love feedback on this.