Today I...

I decided to log my activities today.

  • Arrived at work at 9am

  • Prepaird my UCSC account being moved to Gmail (Google Apps) (disassociated my existing hidden UCSC gmail account with my ucsc email account.)

  • Researched idea Paint for Elaine Gan’s request

  • Chatted with Shelly Erington about her class, podcasting and me lecturing on Monday evening. – fun!

    I also suggested that she look at the SaltCast which now goes by the name How Sound. And, more specifically to look at a great story on editing in and designing sound and how it effects a peice about swiming the english channel.

  • Researched small computer solutions for Daniel Christopher Raspberry Pi will have a $25 box at some point Plug Computer has a few options Steve Gibson of Gibson Research likes the LPC1769 LPCXpresso board for his Portable Sound Blaster project. I also explained to Daniel that an Arduino with a SparkFun LSM303 Tilt Compensated Compass (or compairable) could do what he needed to do.

  • Helped Felicia with Emailing to Leonardo Mailing list

  • Responding to Angela Steele’s need for Arts Div Photos - or actually photos of the Bridging the Gap event. I Found and Published my photos of the event, but I didn’t have many as I did not attend most of it. The first email from Angie seemed to infer a need for UCSC Arts Facilities photos - so I found my UCSC Campus Photos and put them up.

  • Had to move photos off of my machine to make room on my hard drive - gotta love my new Nikon D7000, but it dose make big files.

  • Tried to fix the DARC 206 Media Room Problem, after the theift we only hae a VGA head without the Apple Display Port to VGA dongle. So the iMac dosen’t work in there. There needs to be a better understanding of connectors for Video esp for Macs.

  • Took pictures of all the video connectors and made a Blog Post about Video on the Mac Connectors- this required me to sync my pictures from my iPhone to my Lightroom library. This required me to get jekyll up and running again - something got messed up with my rvm gemset … or maybe I hadn’t run jekyll since installing rvm?

  • Kyle came by for a cable - he needed to take pictures of his piece up in the Light Lab, I provided him my photo of his piece – smugmug caused me trouble! more time on that. photo of Kyles Piece

  • Sabrina came by for a point and shoot camera - I needed to empty some flash memory for it and add it to our inventory system, and she was on her way.

  • Took Lunch at 1:50pm down at the new Arts Food Truck — Listened to Craphound Podcast - Cory Mentioned a talk at O’Reilly Strata conference so I stopped listening to the podcast and watched the video Strata Summit 2011: Cory Doctorow, “Designing for Human Sensors, Not Human Barcodes” At some point “Front Row” showed up… and promptly froze. I kept listing to the video, while Daniel Christopher showed up to chat. Once he left I tried to figure out how to kill Front Row… my iPhone and Google helped me fairly quickly Command+Option+ESC.

  • Quick phone call from Scotty.

  • 2:30 - back to what I was doing… what was I doing?

  • Right, the blog post about apple connectors. As I worked on this I listened to a video about learning Erlang for Pythong.

  • Tina asked if we have more velcro strapping - nope, I need to buy some. - added to my purchase todo list - due tomorrow at 5pm.

  • Jacob asked about the hacker and the book & Ghost in the Machine.

  • Downloaded Adobe’s new HTML5 development tool - “Adboe Edge Preview” - Check out their Getting Started Video

    This looks like a replacement for flash - and it’s HTML5 - yeah Adobe … now can you please fix Acrobat! (google+ this and tumbler it)

  • Scotty comes by for a quick chat.

    He says “go ahead and work on Sunday on the Telematic show at Theater Arts” - thanks Joe.

  • Empty my car of the equipment for the Start of the Year Pary

  • 4:30pm ish - time for a break to Theater Arts

  • 5pm - heard about Steve Jobs, very sad.

  • Heading home to be with my family.

  • Never Did finish the connector blog entry… sometime soon.

  • After putting the kids to bed, I finished a little page explaining video connectors